Review: The Drowsy Chaperone – LAMP

DrowsyChaperoneLAMPLinlithgow Amateur Musical Productions
Linlithgow Academy Theatre
Until: Saturday 24th October
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

 From the opening and throughout, our Narrator of sorts; the “man in chair” played by Cameron Leask knew just how to work the audience and make us feel right at home with his often camp and endearing nature.

With several impressive skills, not withstanding roller skating on stage with a blindfold, the leading man Graeme Scott, who played Robert Martin, sang and danced very well and came across as very comfortable in the role along with his wife-to-be Janet Van De Graff played by Shona Fraser -who demonstrated versatile acting ability with a range of emotions throughout. Thoroughly enjoying himself as Adolpho, with good physicality and enthusiasm for the role, was Les Fulton, who received many laughs from the audience.

Mrs Tottendale, played by Sue Spencer, had a very humorous relationship with Garry Withnell as the ever patient Underling. The dancers were well-choreographed and performed with professional style and an effortless elegance as did the ensemble with strong singing throughout. There was great chemistry, rapport and slick timing from the two gangsters-come-pastry chefs and subsequently backing dancers/singers played by Roddy Bain and Gregor Preston.

Praise must be given for the lighting design which complimented the changes in mood and setting perfectly with so much ease in the transitions it was hardly noticeable and really helped draw the audience into the action and feel comfortable in the world of the scene.

With such a clever script filled with theatrical devices and nuances, it would be easy to just allow the action to play itself out without much input or interpretation but it was clear the Director, Sandy Queenan, made some clear creative decisions in the direction of the piece which all worked out very well accompanied seamlessly by the music from the orchestra directed by Eddie MacLennan.

With lots of delicious tongue-in-cheek moments this was a crazy, laugh-out-loud, cleverly timed and slick performance all rolled into one  – with a big showbiz cherry on top! The show is one to remember for this great cast and crew. With has something for everyone and is so packed full it’s difficult to describe in some ways apart from to say “go see it to find out.”