Review: Twelve Angry Men

Tom Conti - photo by Anton Belmonte Photography

Tom Conti – photo by Anton Belmonte Photography

Theatre Royal, Glasgow
Until: Saturday 27th June 2015
Performance Reviewed: Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Reginald Rose’s classic courtroom drama, Twelve Angry Men, began life as a television play in September 1954 before becoming a 1957 film, starring Henry Fonda and directed by Sydney Lumet. The storyline centres around twelve jurors who are tasked with deciding the fate of a young black man accused of killing his father.

Bill Kenwright’s touring production grabs your attention from the outset. The stage is set in the jury room with a slow revolving table that cleverly rotates enabling the audience to see each of the actors face-on.

The stellar cast is led by Tom Conti, who is outstanding as Juror number eight (the role played by Henry Fonda in the film) and the voice of reason amongst the twelve men.

Andrew Lancel also delivers a fantastic performance as Juror number three, a man blinded by his relationship with his own estranged son.

Other stand out performances are Denis Lill as Juror number ten and Sean Power who raised a few chuckles from the Glasgow audience with his portrayal as baseball loving Juror number seven.

Twelve Angry Men makes for a great evening of entertainment, get yourself along to the Theatre Royal before 27th June for a showing not to be missed.


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